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I am using Axis2 platform for my web service.

But I am not expert in this field.I am invoking this web service from my java application by passing a SOAP envelop the web service defined methods accept an array of object as input and returns an array of object of similar type.

I wanted to know that I am invoking the web service by using an SOAP envelop then how is it being decoded to the array of objects of that similar type.And if it is being done then where is the decoding done and how.

Similarly the web service returns an array of object then how is it being encoded to the SOAP envelop and from where is it being done.

Please specify me the file name and can I use an array List instead of using the array of objects.Shall I get the same SOAP envelop as I am getting now if I use an array list instead.
Gerben Jongerius 18-Nov-11 8:29am    
Is the array type you are trying to pass a primative one (of type array[]) or of the List or Map type. The latter two don't work easily with SOAP services.
Be Yourself 19-Nov-11 10:00am    
I am passing SOAP Envelop while calling the web service that accepts an array of primitive type and it also returns an array of primitive type.

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