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Label l = default(Label);
		l = (Label)v.FindControl("Label1");
		l.Text = dt.Rows[ctr]["Serial"] +  ",";
		l = (Label)v.FindControl("Label2");
        dt.Rows[ctr]["question"] = l.Text;

I got error l.Text = dt.Rows[ctr]["Serial"] + ","; in this line there is no position at row.

cmd.Parameters["@password"].Value = this.TextBox2.Text;

      SqlDataReader dr = null;

      dr = cmd.ExecuteReader();

      if (dr.HasRows)

i got error in this line dr = cmd.ExecuteReader();

thanks for valuabel replay
Updated 18-Nov-11 9:07am
Mehdi Gholam 18-Nov-11 15:07pm
EDIT -> fixed formatting

Your code seems incomplete or dont know what you want to do.


In this code what is ctr, Rows is jagged array where first boundary is columnName/Id and second boundary is RowID/RownNumber so your code should be like -


What are you trying to do with this code?

Hi subbu,

i think your cmd object do not return the values.So you are getting this expcetion.
Just execute your querey in Sql Server Management Studio,you will find the mistake you committed.

I hope it helps you, any more problem,please send a query.

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