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I use google Map in a php application .. but google Map codes are with javascript
server which runs application access internet but most of clients don't access internet
I have some places with latitude and longitude
i just wanna show map to client .. and when client select one place ... add marker in that place
the problem is clients don't access internet
what can I do ?
Updated 19-Nov-11 2:06am
Smithers-Jones 19-Nov-11 8:14am
Repost! Three times already.
thatraja 19-Nov-11 8:21am
Mahnoosh_M 19-Nov-11 8:35am
I just wanna explain my question
thatraja 19-Nov-11 8:37am
Why didn't you edit your previous question instead of creating new one? If you edit old question then it'll come in to top of the questions list.
Mahnoosh_M 19-Nov-11 8:40am
I will
Philippe Mori 19-Nov-11 9:30am
By the way, maps like Google one are huge. Probably gigabytes of data. Thus how would you distribute the map?
Mahnoosh_M 20-Nov-11 1:51am
i don't need all world map ... it just enough for me if it shows Tehran . and I want to add marker wit latitude and longitude
Mahnoosh_M 20-Nov-11 6:19am
and also I don't need zoom..I just need Tehran's map and add marker to it.. I think it is possible .. how could I do it ?

You cannot do this, as has been explained before. If your clients do not have internet access then they cannot use Google maps.
Mahnoosh_M 19-Nov-11 8:34am
is there any other component???????
Richard MacCutchan 19-Nov-11 9:21am
Did you ask Google? If there is an offline component then they will know.
Philippe Mori 19-Nov-11 9:28am
You would then have to buy appropriate maps.... Uses Google for that.

One place to start:
Mapping GIS on ComponentSource
Check these opensources

gmapcatcher[^] - An offline map viewer[^] - an application which provides its users the ability to download tiles from Google Maps and Openstreetmap.

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