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Hi ,i am going to develop an windows application in which i want an following thing
datetimepicker in which when i select the month then it will show the number of days in that selected month into a text box
If i select Nov-2011 in datetimepicker then in the textbo it will hows the number of days in nov-2011 i.e 30

If i select Dec-2011 then it will show 31 in textbox
i want this code in which method should i used & how please help me with an example.


1 solution

You only have to check the datetimepicker's value: Does the returned month have 31 (Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Aug, Oct, Dec) or 30 (Apr, Jun, Sep, Nov) days or in case it's February, check whether the year is a leap year or not. Then insert this number in your textbox.

But I see, you say "i want this code in". Just try it yourself, you might like the warm feeling of having accomplished this (relatively simple) task yourself. :-)
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 19-Nov-11 16:34pm
Agree, a 5. Also, OP should understand: there is no just "Windows application". It could be WPF, Forms or even something else.
Smithers-Jones 19-Nov-11 17:08pm
Thanks a lot.
thatraja 20-Nov-11 0:29am
My 5! too. Still we are getting this kind of old questions :sigh:
Smithers-Jones 21-Nov-11 6:08am
Thanks. :)

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