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I have drawn a graph in forms using zedgraph . Is it possible to plot a graph using serial port data ? Need a bit of guidance on this
lukeer 22-Nov-11 7:30am    
Of course that's possible. You need to listen to the serial port in question, interpret the data that is being received and draw it accordingly.

I'm sure you will get help if you provide some more information on what exactly doesn't work (error message, maybe?).
steven8Gerrard 22-Nov-11 8:41am    
I'm unable to add the graph control for ex like zedgraph . I use temp sensor i can chop temperature value and draw but my problem is with drawing the graph control . I cant get anything in this A WPF Graph Control Library[^]tutorial . Demo project has some errors too
lukeer 23-Nov-11 2:56am    
So you already have all the data where you need it and the remaining problem is to display it on screen in some manner that suits your needs?

What's the exact problem?
Don't have a suitable control?
Control cannot be instantiated?
Control is instantiated but doesn't show data?

Improve your question using the "Improve question" link.
steven8Gerrard 23-Nov-11 4:25am    
I dont have any problem in reading data . I have already read the data from serial post and stored it in a variable . My only problem is i dont know how to draw a graph . I used zedgraph in forms . I just want to add a graph control and pass the value to plot graph . My question is how to add a graph control or whatever ?? Can you get me??


See this article; Arduino with Visual Basic[^]

It shows the serial port data being trended.
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steven8Gerrard 23-Nov-11 2:35am    
This one doesn't support my requirement . I wish to use a third party control like zedgraph . Is there any available for WPF? By getting serial port data in a variable and chopping it . I can pass it to graph and plot it
DaveAuld 23-Nov-11 3:28am    
There are plenty 3rd party controls available search on Google for 'WPF Real Time chart' you will see them and also some articles on how to roll your own if you want to minimize cost.
steven8Gerrard 23-Nov-11 8:44am    
I used this . When i add library file WPFgraph.dll to reference but unable to use the class .
lukeer 23-Nov-11 9:37am    
In this case I suggest to ask the author directly. There is a forum at the bottom of the page you linked. The author will know best how to use his work.
steven8Gerrard 23-Nov-11 10:06am    
I dont actually need that much controls in my graph . I just need a line graph which connects two points . x & Y . X being temperature eceived from serial port and other current time . Any ideas?
Try ZedGraph
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