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Hi Everyone.

I am very limited on my skills, i am using in .net 4 Framework. I was wondering if someone could assist. i have searched google finding mimial result, im not sure if i am using the correct terminalogy for what i want to achieve...
but basicallyI have a form with a 4 textboxs(txtinfo, txtip, txthost, txttime) When the form loads it loads a textfile to TXTINFO. (please see below)

IP Address:, Host: RTR-BIF01,Time: 18:00 GMT

My issue is from this string i want to be able to pull out the nessary info to display in the other textboxs, soo i want to remove the Header names - IP, Host, time...example

txtip.text = ""
txthost.text = "RTR-BIF01"
txttime.text = today.toshorttime.tostring

Any information would be great or help would be great...once again my skill set for vb is very limited..

Thanks in advance

kind regards
Updated 22-Nov-11 18:14pm

This is fairly simple to achieve. Split the string at the comma, then remove the IP Address: Host: and Time: portions of the text, saving what's left into your text boxes.

One option to remove them is like this:
replace(VARIABLENAME, "IP Address: ", "")

Edit: Here is an example
Dim infoString As String = "IP Address:, Host: RTR-BIF01,Time: 18:00 GMT"
Dim split As String() = infoString.Split(","c)
txtip.Text = Replace(split(0).Trim(), "IP Address: ", "")
txthost.Text = Replace(split(1).Trim(), "Host: ", "")
txttime.Text = Replace(split(2).Trim(), "Time: ", "")
SIFNOk 23-Nov-11 0:20am
Thanks for the reply..i dont understand how that could work :S
LanFanNinja 23-Nov-11 0:25am
Recheck the solution
LanFanNinja 23-Nov-11 0:25am
+5 I added an example to your solution I hope you don't mind.
_Damian S_ 23-Nov-11 1:27am
No, it's alright... I usually give enough information to let the other person have a crack at it themselves rather than a full solution...
SIFNOk 23-Nov-11 0:32am
Thanks both for your contribution!! I appreciate your replys and help! it has helped me incredibly! doo u have any links for more information on string splitin..or is google the best bet....but thanks again.
LanFanNinja 23-Nov-11 0:35am
Check this Link

Edit: I update my example to show the use of Trim() (to remove any unwanted whitespace)
Use Split method for this
string ss = "IP Address:, Host: RTR-BIF01,Time: 18:00 GMT";
           string[] split = ss.Split(new Char[] { ',' });

           ArrayList al = new ArrayList();

           foreach (string s in split)

               if (s.Trim() != "")

and assign value to text boxes as
al[0].ToString().Replace("IP Address: ", "").ToString();
al[1].ToString().Replace("Host:", "").ToString();
al[2].ToString().Replace("Time:", "").ToString();

Hope now it works
SIFNOk 23-Nov-11 0:27am
Hi Umu

Thanks for the reply...i have converted the code from C# to, but when i try make the array dispay in the still shows "IP Address:" seems to split fine but how can i update the array after i did the replace
LanFanNinja 23-Nov-11 0:29am
Recheck solution 1
uspatel 23-Nov-11 0:34am
Check updated answer
LanFanNinja 23-Nov-11 0:44am
However for this particular string this code
ArrayList al = new ArrayList();
foreach (string s in split)
if (s.Trim() != "")
is not necessary. Just do this i.e.
txtip.Text = Replace(split(0).Trim(), "IP Address: ", ""))
uspatel 23-Nov-11 0:51am

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