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I have a scenario where I have to load multiple data in Grid and other controls like LinkButtons, Labels, etc. But the performance of website is very poor. It takes around 45 seconds to load a page.

But on local machine it is comparatively little fast, but not much difference.

Please suggest me any methodologies to increase the performance of the website (with database support).

Pandya Anil 23-Nov-11 8:36am    
have you checked the DB scripts execution time? you will get to know the problem is in page or in DB .

Look at your stored procedures, and the configuration of the database. make sure your indexes are set. Lastly, make sure you're not returning too many records. The more records you try to put into a gridview, the longer it's going to take.
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•Implement caching if necessary, understand and use HTTP caching properly
•Optimize images - don't use a 20 KB image for a repeating background
•Learn how to gzip/deflate content (deflate is better)
•Combine/concatenate multiple stylesheets or multiple script files to reduce number of browser connections and improve gzip ability to compress duplications between files
•Take a look at the Yahoo Exceptional Performance site, lots of great guidelines including improving front-end performance and their YSlow tool. Google page speed is another tool for performance profiling. Both require Firebug installed.
•Use CSS Image Sprites for small related images like toolbars (see the "minimize http requests" point)
•Busy web sites should consider splitting components across domains. Specifically...
•Static content (ie, images, CSS, JavaScript, and generally content that doesn't need access to cookies) should go in a separate domain that does not use cookies, because all cookies for a domain and it's subdomains are sent with every request to the domain and its subdomains.
•Minimize the total number of HTTP requests required for a browser to render the page.
•Utilize Google Closure Compiler for JavaScript and other minification tools
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Ashish Dev1 28-Nov-11 7:39am    
Hi, Thanks for the information. Please help me about following questions:

1) How could we set Expiry date for static content?
2) How to implement gzipping for sending content to browser in ASP.NET?
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