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Can I please get some reference to material on the subject, All I found on Google was some theoretical material, which I understood (again, theoretically...). Is there actually something more constructive that can help actually designing a solution to a classification problem?

Thank you.

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If by SVM you mean Support Vector Machine :[^]

Then look at this :[^]
ShacharK 24-Nov-11 12:33pm
Well, I was hoping for something constructive... A constructive example of how to design a solution, starting from the definition, up to the classification, I have read the theory, As a mathematician myself it makes sense, but is there an example that instead of just sharing their classifier with you, can actually give you hints how to start the design from scratch?
Mehdi Gholam 24-Nov-11 12:39pm
Your question is too broad, and this is a programming forum for specific problems, so you can't honestly expect a academic length answer.

Your best option would be contacting the links authors.
ShacharK 27-Nov-11 14:43pm
I was hoping for an external reference... but never mind, I found something...

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