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I want to bind the values that are selected in the dropdown into the gridview for the selected vales in the gridview. In my application I am using the gridview in that there are 5 columns and one column with check box, here I will select this check box and i am having an dropdown outside the gridview when I select the values in the dropdown and click the submit button, the values in the dropdown should be binded to selected checkbox row. Can any one help me to solve this issue.

Thanks in Advance

GridViewRow row = GridView1.Rows[e.RowIndex];
       string eno;

       eno = GridView1.DataKeys[e.RowIndex].Value.ToString();

       TextBox empname = (TextBox)row.FindControl("txtempname");
       DropDownList status = (DropDownList)row.FindControl("DropDownList1");
       string selval;

       if (status.SelectedValue == "Yes")
           selval = "Y";
           selval = "N";

       sqlcmd = new SqlCommand("update emp set empname='" + empname.Text + "',empstatus='" + selval + "' where eno='" + eno + "'",sqlcon);
       sqlcmd.CommandType = CommandType.Text;
       GridView1.EditIndex = -1;

check this link
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Use the variable selectedValue as input paramater to your query.

string selectedValue = ddlCategory.SelectedValue;

I know you can do the query yourself :)

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