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I have a table with following fields


I have 3 division C01, C02, C03. I wanted to generate a matrix like output like functionality and each division as a separate column like :

Functionality  C01IsInternal  C02IsInternal   C03IsInternal
F1               ON             OFF          OFF
F2               OFF            NULL         ON
F3               ON             ON           NULL

To achieve this I have written following query and it is working fine but I wanted to know if there is a better way to achieve this.

select Distinct( fm.Functionality) as Functionality,
(select IsInternal from FunctionMatrix fm1 where fm1.Division='C01' and fm1.functionality=fm.functionality) as C01IsInternal,
(select IsInternal from FunctionMatrix fm1 where fm1.Division='C02' and fm1.functionality=fm.functionality) as C02IsInternal,
(select IsInternal from FunctionMatrix fm1 where fm1.Division='C03' and fm1.functionality=fm.functionality) as C03IsInternal

from FunctionMatrix fm

The table is small at the moment with just 40 rows but it may grow in future.

Is there a better way to achieve this result ?

1 solution

If your SQL-server is version 2005 or later you may consider using the pivot operator.
Some info on the usage here[^].
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virang_21 25-Nov-11 18:43pm    
Yea I have looked at that option but somehow it is not liking Distinct operator with Pivot... or maybe I am missing something there ...
Jörgen Andersson 25-Nov-11 19:06pm    
You can't use the distinct operator when doing a pivot. The grouping is implied as you need to specify a column(s) being aggregated.

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