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I want to knw how to upload images to mysql server through
[no name] 27-Nov-11 7:24am

Mehdi Gholam 27-Nov-11 7:34am
OP : I dont want to Upload to SQL server i want to upload in MySql Server.... and i am not using
User this functions in one module..

<pre lang="vb">

Private Function BytesToImage(ByVal ImageBytes() As Byte) As Image

Dim imgNew As Image

Dim memImage As New System.IO.MemoryStream(ImageBytes)

imgNew = Image.FromStream(memImage)

Return imgNew

End Function

Private Function ImageToBytes(ByVal Image As Image) As Byte()

Dim memImage As New System.IO.MemoryStream

Dim bytImage() As Byte

Image.Save(memImage, Image.RawFormat)

bytImage = memImage.GetBuffer()

Return bytImage

End Function

then browse you image to pictureBox....

and use the above functions to convert it from image byte...

<pre lang="vb">

Dim img2bite() as byte = ImageToBytes(Picturebox1.image)


and use img2bite in the parameter to your query...

but you need to make type of image column in SQL SERVER as "image"...

Hope you wil get...

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