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hi, i have an assignment where I need to create a person walking from one end of a screen to the other. I know you can change the colour of pixels ( som simply all I have been doing is changing the default black pixel to a red pixel using istructions such as below)

01  mov al,03h
02  mov ah,0
03  int 10h
04  mov al,1100b
06  mov cx,50
07  mov dx,20
09  mov ah,0Ch
10  int 10h

have learned this will be very tedious because when the person moves I will have to change its previous location completly black and redraw (slightly modified to make him look like he is running) in another location, pixel by pixel. Our instructor has said ti is possible to use a bit map but did not explain how. I was wondering if someone can explain to me how to use a but map or point me to a good tutorial for this.

ps as well I am using windows xp sp1 and every time I compile an obj file with video interrupts to a exe and try to run it it does not work, simply shows me a black screen or one second and dies. I use emu8086, an emulator for 8086 processors and works, I was wondering if it is possible to make these 16 but programs to work using windows xp and not reverting to windows 98 or me.

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Search for "sprite graphics" :[^]
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