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Dear guys:

I am developing a booking system for a clinic, so my problem is that I want to display available doctor shift which are not already reserved, the patient check the availability of a certain doctor in specific date and shift.

I have 2 tables Booking (ID, DocID, shift_id, Date) and Shift table (ID, name, DocID)

i want to exclude the reserved shifts, and display just available shifts for this doctors??????
Updated 29-Nov-11 5:21am
RaisKazi 29-Nov-11 10:24am    
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[no name] 29-Nov-11 10:55am    
You have to do better than "not working". Are you getting results? Are they not what is expected?
day_hard 29-Nov-11 10:58am    
no results from my select query
#realJSOP 29-Nov-11 11:22am    
It might help if you show us the query you're using...

If the shift table contains all the shift, doing a NOT IN join /a>[^] should give you the results.
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select * from Shift where ID not in (select shift_id from Booking) and DocID =<specify id=""> and Date = <specify date="">


let me know if any queries.

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Thanx for your help, i found the right query which is:

SELECT        Shift.*
FROM            Shift LEFT OUTER JOIN
                         Booking ON Shift.ID = Booking.shift_id AND Shift.DocID = Booking.DocID
WHERE        (Booking.ID IS NULL) OR
                         (Booking.Date <> @VDate)
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RaviRanjanKr 29-Nov-11 14:17pm    
A suggestion :- its not a good practice to post your feedback or comment as an answer. you can use have a question or Comment.

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