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i got error in my c code

"unresolvable external symbol"

i do not understand whats the reason behind this

kindly help

Thanks in advance

An "Unresolvable external symbol" error indicates that the linker cannot find that symbol in any of the resources that you have setup in your build configuration.

Three common causes of this error:
1) Somewhere in your code (the name of the function or symbol that is referenced) you have defined a prototype for the function or object, but have not implemented the function.

2) Have used the extern keyword to bring in a global variable, but it is not actually declared anywhere.

3) All of your code is correct, however, you have included a header file for a library that requires another module to be linked against your final program. The C runtime library would be one example, or if you were doing windows socket programming the Winsock library would be required.

If you add the complete error message someone can provide a more specific answer for where to look for the mistake.
RKnGl 1-Dec-11 3:33am
so sweet and simple ...5!
to get a general idea about what it means refer[^]
To solve the particular issue that you are facing right now, pls include your code
Albert Holguin 1-Dec-11 10:24am
The code wouldn't really tell you what's wrong, since it's likely a missing library.

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