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private void tableLayoutPanel1_MouseMove(object sender, MouseEventArgs e)
                if (resizing)
                    if (rbColumn.Checked)
                    columnStyles[GColumn].SizeType = SizeType.Absolute;
                   columnStyles[GColumn].Width += e.X - columnStyles[GColumn].Width;


            catch (Exception ex)



Placed a panel and import its background image like Table(image) and BackColor as "Transparent". Then placed a tablelayoutpanel over the panel and set cellBorderStyle as "Single".

I just want to move specific columns in tablelayoutpanel during runtime.

With the help of my code, I am getting the column value during mouseclick event.

With the help of that value, I want to move the specific column during TableLayoutPanel_MouseMove event.(Mentioned above code)

If Value=2 means need to move only 2nd column. But its moving 3rd,4th column and so on....
Updated 1-Dec-11 15:15pm
[no name] 1-Dec-11 8:28am    
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[no name] 1-Dec-11 21:16pm    
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Yvan Rodrigues 1-Dec-11 8:30am    
(Almost) Everything in C# is zero-indexed, so the first item has an index of 0. Is that the problem?
srinivasan_indian 1-Dec-11 8:36am    
No. If i am having the GColumn values as 3, it is moving 3rd column. Thats fine. But its moving 4th,5th column also.

Want to move only 3rd column....
lukeer 1-Dec-11 9:53am    
Please do not ask the same question again (and again and again and, you know what I mean). Use the original question's "Improve question" instead to provide new aspects or a better description.

1 solution

See my answer to your original question here[^].

And don't comment or answer here. Do it in the original thread.
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