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Hello fellas,

I am making a project where modem's is the main concern..

but i really don't know where to start.

I have tried google how to make or detects a current modem that is existing. but i don't get what google is giving me. and most of them are vb6

anyone can point me

Basically, what i just need is.
How to Detect a modem..
i have tried detecting it. but it gives out the COM port only. but not the name

second, How to connect.

My purpose of this is to make a 1 Hit connect button, coz basically, we have a "USB 3G Modem USB Sticks" then everytime we want to connect we go to the panel of it.

What I want to make is like a simple

ComboBox which the modems will be Listed,
User will select the name of the modem that is Plugged in.

Then hit Connect. then it will automatically dialed the modem.[^]

it something like this..[^]

instead that would promt. it will automatically dial the number..
then it will just give out a notification icon or something status that is connected..

pls help me.. Thanks
Updated 14-Feb-17 19:59pm

1 solution

aron quiray 2-Dec-11 3:45am
Thank you for responding to my question, but all the links you gave me was not the one i'm looking for.

I'm looking for a code on how to detect "Modems" that is installed and not just what port it was connected, as well as its "Name" like the one Screenshot i provided.

hopefully you can help me with tihs. Thanks

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