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Can anyone tell me, how can i resize width of a particular column during runtime in c#?

Want to move or resize that particular column dynamically during mousemove event in tablelayoutpanel control?

Help me...

Maybe 'Googling' is a good idea? Check here!
srinivasan_indian 2-Dec-11 2:25am
Page not found..
Scubapro 2-Dec-11 2:31am
Sorry about that! Please try again.
srinivasan_indian 2-Dec-11 2:37am
Yeah I tried this before itself. Its moving some point only. I will pos my code,please check it and help me..

private void tableLayoutPanel1_MouseMove(object sender, MouseEventArgs e) { try

{ if (resizing) { if (rbColumn.Checked) {

columnStyles[GColumn].SizeType = SizeType.Absolute;

columnStyles[GColumn].Width += e.X - columnStyles[GColumn].Width; } else {

rowStyles[GRow].SizeType = SizeType.Absolute;

rowStyles[GRow].Height += e.Y - rowStyles[GRow].Height; } } }
catch (Exception ex)
{ //MessageBox.Show(ex.ToString());
} }

I used this code to resize the column dynamically. But its moving the particular column with the help of GColumn value as well as the next columns. Want to move only the specific column.. Help me..
srinivasan_indian 2-Dec-11 22:30pm
Thanks for your reply. But I want to do it in tablelayoutpanel control.. Just check my above posted code and help me for the same...

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