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I am about to purchase Visual Studio 2010 Professional because I want
to use MFC library of VC++ which is not with express edition. But when I gone
on microsoft site for purchase ,no where Visual Studio Professional product
documentation mentioned about Visual C++ ,Visual Basic,Visual C# etc.
Please help me on this issue
adityarao31 2-Dec-11 11:02am
Does Based on this MSDN pages Can I purchase Visual Studio 2010 Professional version from Micosoft store ,its costly thing ,how to purchase without proof
Albert Holguin 2-Dec-11 11:04am
Purchase without proof? What do you mean?
Albert Holguin 2-Dec-11 11:07am
The price has been creeping up, they got rid of the "Standard" version of Visual Studio after the 2008 release. Although if price is a factor, look at purchasing a copy of Visual Studio 2008 Standard, a lot of people still use that and it's still a great IDE.

Few links you can go through:
- Getting Started with Visual C++ 2010[^]
- What's New in Visual C++ 2010[^]

If you want to test the trial version, see:[^]
Yes, of course it's part of Visual Studio. Visual Studio is the IDE (which supports a variety languages), Visual C++ is the C++ compiler, and yes, it does come with it.

It's a great IDE by the way, great choice. On the other hand, it seems to be creeping up in price... grrr!
adityarao31 2-Dec-11 12:00pm
Then why anything like this is not mentioned at Microsoft store or documnetation
Albert Holguin 2-Dec-11 13:08pm
It should be... unless they assume you should already know that. Anyway, why would you ask me why Microsoft does something the way they want to do it? Am I in the Microsoft decision board?

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