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Hi.. friends I have a table having column simage, sname name tbStudent in SQL server 2005. I write a query
select simage,sname from tbStudent
but some student has no image so it return the null value. I wants that it return a default image for those student who have no image. So what will be the query. Please help me. I am very confused.

Thanks & Regards in advance
Parveen Rathi

If the default image is in some other table you can join that table into your query and for example with coalesce function select the default when necessary. For example something like:
select coalesce (a.simage, b.defaultimagefield) 
from tbstudent a, tablewithdefaultimage b ...
you can have a temporary table with single image value represents empty image then use the following query..

SELECT (CASE WHEN simage IS NULL THEN (SELECT emptyImage FROM TEMP_TABLE)ELSE simage END),sname from tbStudent

Hope it helps..
Try this,

SELECT    ISNULL(simage, [defaulimage])
FROM      tbStudent

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