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I'm writing a java code to transfer and delete remote files using FTP. Basically i'm sending the raw FTP commands (like "DELE") for the transfer/deletion of files. For e.g

sendLine("DELE " + filename);

private void sendLine(String line) throws IOException {
  if (socket == null) {
    throw new IOException("FTP is not connected.");
  try {
    writer.write(line + "\r\n");
    if (DEBUG) {
      System.out.println("> " + line);
  } catch (IOException e) {
    socket = null;
    throw e;

Now i would like to delete an entire folder. Can someone tell me how i can remove an entire (non-empty) folder? Are there any raw FTP commands to do so? Am quite desperate!

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The joyful world of FTP-Commands[^]

The command for deleting a folder (better known as directory) is "rmdir".
You might have to check for the rights - but that's similar handled as on the files.
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S.Raaj Nishanth 6-Dec-11 23:11pm    
Yup....that was the first thing that came up when i "googled" the problem...however 'rmdir' is not a RAW FTP command so one cannot send it through java code (i think). I tried sending a site command (SITE RMDIR) but that didn't work either. Besides, the folder that i want to delete may have subfolders as well. I want everything to be deleted.

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