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Hello again guys
I have made a program with VB 2010 express and it works fine.
I want my program to generate stand alone executable files.
My program is like this , it has a form with a text box and 2 buttons(PLAY and SAVE).
I Drag and Drop (.mp3 or whatever)songs into the text box.Then i click the button PLAY ,
so it plays all those songs that i've Dragged and Dropped into the text box with the
default media player that every song-file has on. That works perfectly.
But i have to do this every time from the beggining.
I want to make it so that when i press the second button SAVE that
is into the form to create a stand alone executable file,a file with the list of songs that
i will have Dragged and Dropped into the text box.
By that i mean that when i will double click the file with the songs that
my program created will start playing those songs.
Appreciate Your Help!!!

1 solution

What you want to do is create a PlayList - when that is double clicks, the default player will play all the songs in order.
Have a look at this: Create a Windows Media Player List[^] - it's in C#, but it should be pretty simple to convert.
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Juljano 8-Dec-11 7:54am    
i dowloaded the program and it does exactly what i want my program to do.But i cant see anywhere the code.Can you help to see it or to see something that will help understand how he did it.
Juljano 8-Dec-11 8:00am    
ok i found the code silly me... It seems difficult to convert it but i will look at it later thanks mate..
OriginalGriff 8-Dec-11 8:08am    
If you have difficulty with converting a method, have a try here:
Juljano 8-Dec-11 18:50pm    
can you please show me at the example above "Create a Windows Media Player List"
where is the exact code that does the part i want to do.The part that creates the file that when i double click it it starts playing the song list with the default media player... I am new in programming and i need help so please help me!!

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