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Hi All,

Does anyone know how to accurately get the text content height from a rich text box?

I have tried the following code:

private void CalculateContentHeight()
           Graphics g = this.CreateGraphics();
           SizeF overallSize = default(SizeF);
           Point pt = default(Point);this.Font.Style);
           SendMessageW(this.Handle, EM_GETSCROLLPOS, 0, ref pt);
           overallSize =  TextRenderer.MeasureText(g, Text, Font);

           // send max value and value to any listenting controls so they can scroll syncronously
           if (this.Scroll != null)
               this.Scroll(this, new ScrollEventArgs(pt.Y, Convert.ToInt32(overallSize.Height - this.Height)));

However it is still out when i copy and paste different formats into the box.

Is there any way of it accurately pulling out this information?

Thanks in advance


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