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I am working on a project in which i want to plot the data coming from serial port continuously [data more than 4 hrs]. I can draw the line graph. But I want to see the plot from start to end by scrolling. Please give me a solution.

I had a similar requirement, my solution was to use graphicspath ... I add the points to a graphics path scaled 1:1 then when drawing to the screen I use the matrix functions to scale the traces for display and the clip region to only show the part I want on screen. Works a treat and really fast.

Objects to use ( assumes g is the current graphics object)


g.Clip = on screen display area as a clip region:

GraphicsPath gx = new GraphicsPath();

Add line, paths, rectangles etc ......

gx.Transform( to scale and scroll graph)

g.DrawPath( actually draw traces )

I have something similar at work, but with data coming from ethernet.
I believe ZedGraph can help you, take a look:[^]

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