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i have some ques.
i have understood the concept of handling the event using delegates (as some extent not whole). but there is some thing else here.<b>
Asynchronous and Synchronous Methods.
1.What is the difference between the two? simple example.</b>

<b>2. i have a method that takes 30 mint to complete, i dont want it to hangup the system, i want it to go to the background and let me use my system meanwhile. and when it finishes the execution, it informs me that it has completed and returns (if any) data that it supposed to do. How will i implement it C#, Using Threading and Delegates? </b>

Consider me the beginner in programming and explain it upto my level.
thank you so much.
i will appreciate it.
a little example wud make it easy for me

1 solution

Good links, a 5, but this is what I say: async. APIs are obsolete. Custom threads are easier to develop, provide more control, which is more explicit and easy to debug. Asynchronous APIs came from pre-threading eon.
Abhinav S 10-Dec-11 1:14am
Thank you. There is a whole new section on asynchronous programming in VS2011 though. Wonder what that will be like.
Monjurul Habib 10-Dec-11 2:05am
nice links 5!
Abhinav S 10-Dec-11 2:22am
Thank you.

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