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can someone help me to write a pseudo for a double dice game. It is a provious game that i upload and it is:
How to make a dice game for two player in javascript and html using just two dice?

1. Each player throws both dice once per turn. You only score if you throw doubles (that is, both dice have the same number of spots on their top face).

2. Players score five points for double ones, twos, fours or fives. A double six scores twenty five points, but if you throw a double three your score goes back to zero.
3. Add your score as you play. The first player to get fifty points wins the game.
LanFanNinja 10-Dec-11 22:44pm
tidu12 please do not post the same question (more or less) multiple times.
If you cannot come up with something using this solution and the code I posted for you in your previous question it is obvious that you need to hit the books and get better at programming before proceeding.

No one is going to create this project for you and why would you want them to?!?
[no name] 11-Dec-11 0:24am

1 solution

this may help you to get how it work..

Making dice game 2 player[^]
LanFanNinja 10-Dec-11 22:41pm
+5 A very nice example to build from.

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