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Hi everyone,
I want to print a dwg file programmatically in my c# project without opening application is network base and my file is in a shared folder.I do not know how should i do that?
Just a note: not easy at all. I used 3rd-party project, had a lot of problems with performance, etc.

Found Similar question there-[Printing AutoCad DWF and DWG files][^] where an answer suggested by an OP is to used those with VS2k5 was to use the installer that installs a wizard in VS that sets everything up for you right away. It is the ObjectARX SDK, found here:
ObjectARX[^] and other reference link is
Auto Desk Development Development Center [^]
Amir Mahfoozi 11-Dec-11 4:16am
+5'ed :)
M_Mogharrabi 17-Dec-11 2:18am
i have downloaded the documentation of objectarx but i could not find any thing about print dwg file in it.

I am too beginner in objectARX.
please help me...
M_Mogharrabi 17-Dec-11 4:22am
i am waiting for your response yet...
please help me..
You have basically three options:

1) Write your own .DWG file parser and print from that - lots of work.
2) Use a third party control - as SA said, lots of problems.
3) Use the application which knows the files best: Autocad.

If you can't do (3), then you have a lot of work ahead of you!
I asked my question in Autodesk site and receive my answer in Through the interface site.

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