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hi every one
ihave this error when save or delete something to or from data adapter

throw new NotImplementedException()

and this the function

internal void Insert(int p, int p_2, string p_3, System.DateTime dateTime, int p_5)
            throw new System.NotImplementedException();

        internal void Delete(int p, int p_2, string p_3, System.DateTime dateTime, int p_5)
            throw new System.NotImplementedException();

i want to know what is this function , and about the code is not mine it come like a question in the exam and tell us to replace it but when i replace with add and delete function comes error , just i want if this right or wrong ,if wrong waht is right
Updated 28-Jul-23 21:19pm
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 11-Dec-11 18:45pm    
The error is "not implemented" not "throw new NotImplementedException()". The question sounds as if you codes this line in your application and got surprised that it thrown exception. :-)

I voted 1 for the question. Just looking at the "code" causes dizziness. Stop it please, don't torture your computer.
LanFanNinja 11-Dec-11 18:52pm    
Monjurul Habib 11-Dec-11 20:06pm    
Oludayo Alli 13-Dec-11 0:50am    
I think I'm catching fever reading this code!
[no name] 13-Dec-11 14:36pm    
Common keep cool! We all have started one time at zero...maybe with some more bite (don’t know the good word in English). So let life anybody!

1 solution

I don't get it. Why are you throwing exceptions on each of your methods and not doing anything?! what's the use???

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Richard MacCutchan 12-Dec-11 7:02am    
Pretty obvious; they are auto-generated template functions and OP's task is to add the implementation code.
[no name] 13-Dec-11 14:37pm    
So it is I think.
[no name] 13-Dec-11 20:33pm    
thank u for deducting 16 consecutive pts whoever u are! hater! :)
Richard MacCutchan 14-Dec-11 3:52am    
You have added this question in the 'Solution' section; you should have put this as a comment to the OP's question. I suspect that is why you have been downvoted.

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