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I want to get the list of attributes a node is having, for eg -
<ContentNode type="ApplicationProcess" name="Sub App Process2" navigate_url="" tag="c2532e51-704f-45e9-abc7-f8a2a7b1f425">

Here the attributes are type, name, navigate_url and tag so I need to get these attribute names to be populated in a drop down, so can anyone suggest what can be done?

Thanks in advance,

Actually this is a extra thing which i am adding to my application.I want to get the list of attributes to populated in a dropdown based on the node selected, so can anyone help me with that?
Updated 13-Dec-11 18:00pm
Amir Mahfoozi 13-Dec-11 7:09am    
What did you do so far ?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 13-Dec-11 8:43am    
How do you parse XML? that, doesn't MSDN tells you all the API?

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XmlNodeList list = doc.SelectNodes("//*");
XmlAttributeCollection attrlst;
foreach (XmlNode n1 in list)
string str =n1.Attributes["name"].Value;
attrlst = n1.Attributes;

foreach (XmlAttribute att in attrlst)

string ite = att.Name;

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