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Hello friend,

I am doing some web application where I am getting return xml as string as follows.
<siteconfigurationinfor>\n  <id>11</id>\n  <siteid>DELH2I-4004-20</siteid>\n  <sectors />\n  <omini />\n  <micro />\n  <macro />\n  <sitesector>\n    <sectorid>31</sectorid>\n    <sectorname>Sector1</sectorname>\n    <clearance />\n    <azimuth />\n    <heightfromggound />\n    <mounttype />\n    <anttype />\n    <tilt />\n  </sitesector>\n  <sitesector>\n    <sectorid>32</sectorid>\n    <sectorname>Sector2</sectorname>\n    <clearance />\n    <azimuth />\n    <heightfromggound />\n    <mounttype />\n    <anttype />\n    <tilt />\n  </sitesector>\n  <sitesector>\n    <sectorid>33</sectorid>\n    <sectorname>Sector3</sectorname>\n    <clearance />\n    <azimuth />\n    <heightfromggound />\n    <mounttype />\n    <anttype />\n    <tilt />\n  </sitesector>\n</siteconfigurationinfor>

I want to convert this XML into custom type. Can anyone help me out here.
Updated 14-Dec-11 4:13am

1 solution

The way I do it is like so:

public class MyObject
    public string ID { get; set; }
    public string SiteID { get; set; }

    public XElement AsXElement
             XElement value = new XElement("siteconfigurationinfor", 
                                           new XElement("id", ID),
                                           new XElement("id", SiteID));
             return value;
            ID = value.Element("id").Value;
            SiteID = value.Element("siteid").Value;
    public MyObject(XElement value)
        this.AsXElement = value;

Of course, you could use the built-in serialization stuff, but I prefer to do it this way (and my actual code uses exception handling in the event of malformed XML or missing values).
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spydeehunk 14-Dec-11 10:36am    
this is fine but i want different thing. as you can see their the list of <sitesector> tag in this xml i want to create object with list<sitesector> plz help me out. i tried to use linq as follows
XElement xdoc = new XElement(xml);

var xmlStr = from xdf in xdoc.Descendants("SiteSector")
select new SiteSectors { SectorId = Convert.ToInt32(xdf.Element("SectorId").Value), SectorName = xdf.Element("SectorName").Value };
but i am getting error that xelement could not load xml.
#realJSOP 14-Dec-11 10:47am    
The element names are case-sensitive. That's probably why it's not working for you.

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