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I am developing mobile application.
When I connect to the device while reading the tag I get error:
Can't find an Entry Point 'RFID_Connect' in a PInvoke DLL 'rfidapi32.dll'.

I didn't identify what this error is. I am using rfid reader mobile device
domine is 3.5

Please help.

Updated 14-Dec-11 9:26am
Member 8654985 9-May-12 3:39am    
Pavan hi. i am exactly working on same problem.i am working with motorola Symbol.RFID2 samples. but i need to work Symbol.RFID3 samples. where can i find new version of "rfidapi32.dll".
Member 14047000 7-Nov-18 12:02pm    
I also have this problem

That means the method you're trying to use in rdidapi.dll either has a different signature than the one you're trying to use, or doesn't exist at all. Maybe all you need a newer version of the DLL...
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Member 14047000 7-Nov-18 12:03pm    
where did you find a newer version of the DLL?
#realJSOP 7-Nov-18 12:23pm    
Where in my response did I say that I found a newer version of the DLL? I merely postulated that could be the cause of your problem. I don't know if there is a newer version.
To find out what really exported from a DLL and under what name can be found by using some binary dump utility, such as DUMPBIN.EXE (run it under Visual Studio Command Prompt), see[^].

The name you will find can be decorated, see[^]. You should use this exact name as a parameter of the parameter EntryPoint of System.Runtime.InteropServices.DllImportAttribute, see[^].

Even if you create your own native DLL file, it can be useful to run the utility and use exact entry point name explicitly through this parameter.

Decorated name can also give you an idea of the function parameters, but this is not reliable. You need to know exact signature and calling conventions of the function to be imported.

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I presume you're using the Motorola EMDK to drive the RFID reader, using RFID3 library on a MC9090Z. I think the problem is in the RFIDAPI32.DLL version, which may be is not supporting the motorola LLRP encapsulation functions.
I don't know if it's possible to upgrade the DLL: most recent DLL's are installed on CE6.0 or Mobile 6.5 devices, and the MC9090Z is a Mobile 5.0 device.

I hope this will help.

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