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I'm using .net 4.0 with C#. In text box when we enter numbers that text box accept only below 24 numbers!( If we enter 25, 26,27... these numbers will no display in that text box) , at the same time that text box accepts two decimals only (Ex: 12:00,1:00.....).

It is possible to do this? Can any one pls help me !!

Use the RangeValidator control on the textbox.
In this example[^], only values between 30 and 40 are accepted.
Uday P.Singh 16-Dec-11 3:18am
5ed :)
Abhinav S 16-Dec-11 3:22am
Thank you Uday.
RaviRanjanKr 16-Dec-11 3:37am
Abhinav S 16-Dec-11 3:42am
Thanks Ravi.
thatraja 16-Dec-11 3:47am
Abhinav S 16-Dec-11 3:49am
Thanks thatraja.
Alternatively you can use regular expressions[^]. Use RegularExpressionValidator Control[^]
RaviRanjanKr 16-Dec-11 3:37am
Abhinav S 16-Dec-11 3:42am
To set textbox property as maxlenghth=24
[no name] 16-Dec-11 4:55am
Where can i declare?
<asp:TextBox ID="TextBox1" runat="server" maxlenghth="24">

is it correct?
[no name] 16-Dec-11 6:02am
it will set maxlength to text box.
if we enter 25 it will aceepted na?
that mean we can enter 24 character maximum in the textbox
[no name] 16-Dec-11 6:03am
for the given result we have to used regular expression validator.
it is best.
thank u.

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