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Hai dear friends,
I want to draw graph in wpf. i dont have any idea if any one knows please help me.. thanks is advance..
Updated 16-Dec-11 2:56am
WPF or ASP.NET? Remove one of the tags.

WPF is designed for things like that. No wonder, lots of proprietary and open-source codes are available. See:[^] (see WPF Toolkit),[^].

CodeProject articles:
Using WPF to Visualize a Graph with Circular Dependencies[^],
WPF Chart Control With Pan, Zoom and More[^],
A WPF-powered 3D graphing library[^],
A WPF Graph Control Library[^].

Find them all in CodeProject:[^],[^].

There are too many.

On Google,[^] gives over 9 millions matches. :-)

sps.gutz08 16-Dec-11 9:09am
Tanks :)
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 16-Dec-11 10:50am
You are welcome.
Prashant Srivastava LKO 16-Dec-11 14:02pm
u r absolutely awesome sakryukov sir what link i.e.
I always read ur blogs all are amazing and full of concepts,u r magical sir
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 16-Dec-11 15:13pm

Thank you very much for your nice words. (Note that I've done very much in this very post :-)

Let me give you one good advice from all my heart: please, do everyone and yourself a big favor, stop using "textspeak" like "u r" and get to full correct spelling, capitalization and punctuation, which is pretty easy (for example, via using spell-checking Web browser like Firefox/Seamonkey) but will not irritate many members. People here complain about "textspeak" often.

RaviRanjanKr 16-Dec-11 15:02pm
Nice Links, Bookmarked it and have My 5+
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 16-Dec-11 15:14pm
Thank you, Ravi.
You can use the WPF toolkit, or any of a number of 3rd party solutions. Since the WPF toolkit is no longer being maintained (no update for .Net 4.0), I chose Visiblox. They have a free version that puts a watermark in the chart (which goes away if you pay for a license). Here's an article I wrote (You need to go to part 4 for the WPF version) that uses Visiblox:

Reputationator - CP Narcissists Rejoice! Part 1 of 4[^]
sps.gutz08 16-Dec-11 8:58am
Simmons im very new from wpf i know some works in wpf but i dont have knowledge in c#.. so What i can do.. sorry to say this!!!
#realJSOP 16-Dec-11 9:11am
Be a programmer and learn what you need to accomplish the specified task. I've been programming for over 30 years, and I have to learn something new pretty much every day. WPF has a steep learning curve if you're used to WinForms, but it's certainly not insurmountable.
sps.gutz08 16-Dec-11 9:13am
Glad to hear.:) but now my problem is where i am going to srart..? to finish my graph work
#realJSOP 16-Dec-11 12:01pm
Any library you use is going to be different from every other one. Pick a library, and start using it.
sps.gutz08 17-Dec-11 2:19am
Could you refer any library..?
#realJSOP 17-Dec-11 11:13am
Didn't you read my answer to to you?

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