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In my application i want to implement payment gate way


User has to enter required information. and click on payment, then it should redirect to the payment gateway. Once it has been done again It should redirect to my page.

Problem: Before payment gateway what user entered, that information I have to use after payment confirmation (Operation has to done at client side only).

for this what you can suggest.

I am using Coockies (But it is less Security )

Updated 19-Dec-11 20:45pm

You have three basic ways to do this:

1) Cookies
2) Session variables
3) Database.

All three of these can contain encrypted information, and there is no reason why you can't use a combination of two or three of these to increase security still further.
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Sridhar Patnayak 20-Dec-11 4:34am    
Thanks for guiding me
Cookies are client side statemanagment and less secure compared to server side state managment.
Better to go with SESSION veariable rather than cookies.
cookies can be disabled in browser settings.
Fast, Scalable, and Secure Session State Management for Your Web Applications[^]
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Sridhar Patnayak 20-Dec-11 4:33am    
Thanks for providing informative link
If you are worried about security (as you rightly should be), you should ensure that you use HTTPS and set the secured flag which ensures that your cookie will be encrypted.

I would suggest that you read this[^] paper to get a better understanding of cookie security.

Beyond that, I would go with Griff's suggestion of using a combination of Session, Cookie and Database to store the information in a secured fashion. If you use the database, make sure that you are storing sensitive information using encryption.
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Sridhar Patnayak 20-Dec-11 4:31am    
Thanks for guiding me, The paper on Secure Coockie protocol is very useful

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