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I use PageSetupDialog with EnableMetric.
Description my problem.
I open PageSetupDialog and set margins on 10 millimeters.
I press 'OK', and reopen dialog. Margins have new value equals 9.91.

I know that problem is with conversion from millimeters to inch.
If is any way to resolve this isue?

It's a bug, a known one to be sure.

The Metric/Imperial conversion is one of those things where you can tell it was written in The States, they sure love their Imperial System.

Here[^] is a M$ page with explanations and support.
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Krzysztof T. Lasek 20-Dec-11 4:15am    
This bug I know, but I think my problem is some different.
The change from 10 millimetres to 9.91 millimetres is disposable, and dialog will be remember this value until the next change.
I have been struggling with the blasted millimetres in the PageSetupDialog
All of my computers are Region CANADA with US Keyboard, it defaults to metric units.
I hate the rounding errors.

I prefer INCHES, so instead of manually reconfiguring ALL the computers, I just add these lines of code to tell ALL PROGRAMS on the computer that I prefer inches.

Imports IWshRuntimeLibrary

Dim oShell As IWshShell_Class
oShell = New IWshShell_Class
oShell.RegWrite("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\International\iMeasure", 1)

Imeasure =0=Metric
Imeasure =1=Inches

You can read this setting in your program with
Bool System.Globalization.RegionInfo.CurrentRegion.IsMetric
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