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Hello everyone,
i am new to C++. I have to store data which consists of one main part and further sub-parts e.g a laptop model and its specifications. Can i use a 2D array for this ?

rough pseudocode :

Array[n][m] ;

where n is the total number of models and m is the number of specifications(4 to 5 different) that are to be stored ..
and secondly how can i generate 16 random integers from 0-16 in such a way that none of the integers is repeated ?

Help Awaited !

1 solution

1. Yes, you may use an array that way. However it might be a non-optimal solution: suppose you have just two models, one having 3 specifications and the other having 5 specifications then you have to declare the array this way:
Laptop laptop[2][5];

wasting the memory required 3 'laptop' objects.
I suggest you to use one of the STL container classes, like, for instance std::vector.

2. I wrote a trick for a very similar task: "Random extraction of 5 cards from a deck"[^].
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Ghost_x 21-Dec-11 12:54pm    
And what if the number of elements are fixed..
i mean in all cases there are 5 specifications, should i still prefer vectors ?

and thanks alot for the random number extraction :)
CPallini 21-Dec-11 13:09pm    
Nope: you might prefer arrays in this case (you might prefer arrays anyway if you are dealing with few items).
You are welcome.
Monjurul Habib 22-Dec-11 14:30pm    
CPallini 22-Dec-11 15:20pm    
Thank you.

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