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Hi to all,

how to generate sql table scripts (include primary key, foreign key, indexes, on) through query in sql server.


Try this :

select object_definition(object_id)
from sys.objects
where type_desc in ('SQL_SCALAR_FUNCTION',

Extracted from Here[^]

And also have a look at here :[^]

[After you comment]
Try this one to generate script of your table :
declare @vsSQL varchar(8000)
declare @vsTableName varchar(50)
select @vsTableName = 'Customers'

select @vsSQL = 'CREATE TABLE ' + @vsTableName + char(10) + '(' + char(10)

select @vsSQL = @vsSQL + ' ' + sc.Name + ' ' +
st.Name +
case when st.Name in ('varchar','varchar','char','nchar') then '(' + cast(sc.Length as varchar) + ') ' else ' ' end +
case when sc.IsNullable = 1 then 'NULL' else 'NOT NULL' end + ',' + char(10)
from sysobjects so
join syscolumns sc on =
join systypes st on st.xusertype = sc.xusertype
where = @vsTableName
order by

select substring(@vsSQL,1,len(@vsSQL) - 2) + char(10) + ')'

Extracted from Here[^]

Use google to find more scripts about this issue.

And if you want this to deploy your tables to client side so how about using script generator of SSMS ?

Hope it helps.
K N R 24-Dec-11 0:49am
hey amir,

how to get one specified table script.
srmohanr 23-Jun-14 3:12am
Hi Amir, Thanks your post.
Please help how to get Script along with data for a particular table.

Thanks in advance
declare @table varchar(100)
set @table = 'MyTable' -- set table name here
declare @sql table(s varchar(1000), id int identity)

-- create statement
insert into  @sql(s) values ('create table [' + @table + '] (')

-- column list
insert into @sql(s)
    '  ['+column_name+'] ' + 
    data_type + coalesce('('+cast(character_maximum_length as varchar)+')','') + ' ' +
    case when exists ( 
        select id from syscolumns
        where object_name(id)=@table
        and name=column_name
        and columnproperty(id,name,'IsIdentity') = 1 
    ) then
        'IDENTITY(' + 
        cast(ident_seed(@table) as varchar) + ',' + 
        cast(ident_incr(@table) as varchar) + ')'
    else ''
    end + ' ' +
    ( case when IS_NULLABLE = 'No' then 'NOT ' else '' end ) + 'NULL ' + 
    coalesce('DEFAULT '+COLUMN_DEFAULT,'') + ','

 from information_schema.columns where table_name = @table
 order by ordinal_position

-- primary key
declare @pkname varchar(100)
select @pkname = constraint_name from information_schema.table_constraints
where table_name = @table and constraint_type='PRIMARY KEY'

if ( @pkname is not null ) begin
    insert into @sql(s) values('  PRIMARY KEY (')
    insert into @sql(s)
        select '   ['+COLUMN_NAME+'],' from information_schema.key_column_usage
        where constraint_name = @pkname
        order by ordinal_position
    -- remove trailing comma
    update @sql set s=left(s,len(s)-1) where id=@@identity
    insert into @sql(s) values ('  )')
else begin
    -- remove trailing comma
    update @sql set s=left(s,len(s)-1) where id=@@identity

-- closing bracket
insert into @sql(s) values( ')' )

-- result!
select s from @sql order by id
csharpbd 1-Nov-12 1:33am
my vote 4, because i need more information like Unique and FOREIGN key etc.
Member 7726356 22-Nov-13 11:01am
good for generate script of create table
Go through the below link for different examples..,

see Discussion for same.

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