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how can i get data from 2 tables even if there is no data into other table
ex: fathers table has columns father_id,name .. sons table has columns son_id ,name

this query
select f.father_id,, from fathers f,sons s
where f.father_id=s.father_id and father_id=@parameter

i want to get data from these tables if exists related father_id into son table and if not get it as null or any empty string

like this if no data into son table
father_id,fathername ,sonname
1 templ null
2 john null

thanks all
Updated 24-Dec-11 0:17am

Use outer join to get records if there's no matching record in another table. See:[^]

So in you statement, something like:
select f.father_id,, 
from fathers f left outer join sons s
on f.father_id=s.father_id

If you want to restrict using father_id, something like:
SELECT f.father_id,,
FROM  fathers f LEFT OUTER JOIN sons s
ON    f.father_id = s.father_id
WHERE f.father_id = @father_id 

That should bring a single father with all sons, if any exist
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Abhinav S 24-Dec-11 6:19am    
My 5. Same answer as mine. :)
Wendelius 24-Dec-11 6:55am    
Thanks :)
Amir Mahfoozi 24-Dec-11 6:34am    
Wendelius 24-Dec-11 6:55am    
Thanks :)
mohammed sadeq 25-Dec-11 4:49am    
thanks all
but left join doesn't work with where clause ex: i want to filter it with where father_id=@father_id so it not work
Use left outer join to build your query.
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Amir Mahfoozi 24-Dec-11 6:35am    
+5 Your answer is elegant for this forum which is "Quick Answers"
Abhinav S 24-Dec-11 7:32am    
Thank you.
Wendelius 24-Dec-11 6:55am    
Indeed, 5
Abhinav S 24-Dec-11 7:32am    
Thank you.

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