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Hi I am .net developer and I am not expert in programing.
I have a question in mind that when i install some software like team viewer or eset antivirus or IDM or antivirus softwares or adobe products or ..... they do not use or install .net frameworks like .net 3.5 sp1 .

what technology and framework and programing language these software use ? sure .net is not.

Is these technology better than .net framework ?

these product that i mentioned can product with .net ?

Can you suggest book or resourse to learn this technology ?

Thanks a lot for helping me to reach to answer my question.
Have a nice day.
Updated 25-Dec-11 22:57pm

They are generally Native Applications - which means they are written to run in machine code rather than the .NET IL.

Are they better? For some things, yes. For others, no. There is a huge learning curve associated with native app code - it has evolved over several decades to the current point, so it isn't as clear cut as the .NET framework is.

Generally nowadays, they are written in C++ and can get better and faster access to the lower level stuff.

Horses for courses I'm afraid - google will help you find out more.
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mohammadghaderian.bp 26-Dec-11 4:58am    
thanks a lot friend
Can you suggest book or resourse to learn this technology ?
OriginalGriff 26-Dec-11 5:23am    
No - it's not "a book" it's "a book" on C++ (or more likely two, possibly three), plus "a book" on Windows messaging, plus "a book" on MFC, plus....
Uday P.Singh 26-Dec-11 12:10pm    
For some kind of application like antivirus, audio and video editing software and some games, you have to go at the low level to get adequate performance. For example, because of garbage collection, .NET might sometime do short pauses which must not happen in real-time scenario.

In general, a C++ can be more performant than a C# program particulary for some operations like image au audio manipulation. But, on the other hand, it is much harder to write safe code and in general it take much more time to create a similar application in native C++ than in C#.

And for many applications, there is also the possibility to do a mixed-mode application. Thta might make sense for example for a image editor.
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Uday P.Singh 26-Dec-11 12:10pm    

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