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I need your help for connecting to MySql database via C++.
I downloaded xammp, it is working properly. I have mysql libraries, etc. under xammp.
i can easily reach to the database via php code.
i try to use c++ and in c++ code i have:

#include "my_global.h" 
#include "mysql.h"

But when i try to use C++ for this purpose i have the error:

Cannot open include file: 'mysql.h': No such file or directory<br />
Cannot open include file: 'my_global.h': No such file or directory<br />

However, i can see those files under mysql include directory.
Any help please?
Updated 25-Dec-11 22:25pm

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Hope this link will give you an idea,49606,49606#msg-49606[^]

mstftrn 26-Dec-11 5:11am
But when i include the mysql include path program gives 103 errors; one, for ex, is:
c:\program files\microsoft sdks\windows\v6.1\include\mprapi.h(1374) : error C2143: syntax error : missing ';' before '__stdcall'
i could not understand the reason...
Any idea,
thanks again
Satheesh1546 26-Dec-11 5:33am
Do u included the following libraries.
wsock32.lib mysqlclient.lib libmysql.lib mysys.lib
mstftrn 26-Dec-11 11:04am
yes i included. i am using visual studio 2008 (sorry for latency)

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