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I am building a custom reporting solution for a local company. They have Stores which will be graded on a quarterly basis. The type of Data I have is:

StoreScoreRankGradeWeighted Grade

I originally created the report using the standard grading scale of A - F. The Client however always wants the lowest ranked store to an F and the Highest rank store to always be an A (even though their grade may only be an 89 or the lowest store's actual grade may be an 80)

I am having trouble wrapping my head around this to get the grades correct. I currently have a table that I've built with the grade letter and the low and high range of the grade and I just join against it and say where the score between the high and low and show the grade. How do I create a curve on this with SQL Server so the lowest graded store is always an F and the highest graded store is always an A.

Thanks guys.

Here is the solution, I supposed that your table name is StoreRanking

declare @max int , @min int, @diff int , @step int

select @max=MAX(score) from StoreRanking 
select @min=MIN(score) from StoreRanking 
select @diff = @max -@min , @step = @diff / 6

select *, (score-@min) , @diff , @step, 
  case when score <= (@min + @step) then 'F' 
       when score <= (@min + 2*@step) then 'E' 
       when score <= (@min + 3*@step) then 'D' 
       when score <= (@min + 4*@step) then 'C' 
       when score <= (@min + 5*@step) then 'B' 
       when score <= (@min + 6*@step) then 'A' 
from StoreRanking

Change it to an update statement or use it as is.

Hope it helps.
Mehdi Gholam 27-Dec-11 0:29am
Amir Mahfoozi 27-Dec-11 0:30am
Thanks Mehdi :)
Use the following system :
A..F = 6 places
Range = Highest-Lowest

Rank = ((Score-Lowest)/Range ) *6
Amir Mahfoozi 27-Dec-11 0:32am
+5 yes the concept is as you mentioned.

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