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Hi, every body

i have developed a java class named A that uses another class named B , both of them is in package com.kkp ,
the class B have some native methods that implemented in B.cpp & B.h
i have used g++ for compiling the cpp file and creating a dll (B.dll).
til here every things is OK and program works fine .
i have create a jar file and the i put the B.dll, B.class and A.class in it,

the flow of jar (my library) is :
Class A be called form main application and then it calls class B methods and the native methods cause execution of B.dll functions (C++ dll) to support working on external hardware (some kind of printers).

the jar file also executes OK and no problem
the jar file manifest is

Main-Class: com/kkp/A
Name: com/kkp/
Sealed: true

but my problem is where another application load the jar file as library and wants to execute the functions in side class A , in this state a run-time error (UnSatisfiedLinkError) appears . i know that this error basically is because the class B count not find the B.dll in this code

i want to put my jar file in Lib folder of my application.
when i put the jar and B.dll in Lib folder the UnSatisfiedLinkError occurs in run-time but when i put the B.dll in root directory of application it works OK and no run-time error occurs.

my question is what i must do ?, i mean that the jar file must put in Lib folder but where the B.dll must be ? (i don't want to put the dll in root of application's directory)

i know this question is maybe so simple because i have a few experience in java programming

thanks in advance.

If you do not have the dll in the default directory then you should add the full path to your System.loadLibrary() call.
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since u want to create a A.dll and call B.dll from A.dll, so i would recommend u to jst create the B.lib and put it inside A.dll then u will be able to call the functions of both class A&B

hope this will work........All the best.......
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for the System.loadLibrary() call the dll file should be in path of java i.e system32 but i would recommend System.load() instead by which you would be able to give full path of the dll file and use it in any other java app usin that jar
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