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i need change cell text when i add a row in data grid

for add row i use this code
      public struct MyData
                public int ID { set; get; }
                   public string name { set; get; }
                        public float cost { set; get; }
                        public float tedad { set; get; }

            int i,j = 0;
DataGridTextColumn col1 = new DataGridTextColumn();
DataRow dr; DataTable dt;

dg2.Items.Add(new MyData() { ID = j, name = a[1], cost = Convert.ToInt64(b[1]) });
col1.Binding = new Binding("ID");
DataGridTextColumn col2 = new DataGridTextColumn();
col2.Binding = new Binding("name");
DataGridTextColumn col3 = new DataGridTextColumn();
col3.Binding = new Binding("cost");
DataGridTextColumn col4 = new DataGridTextColumn();
col4.Binding = new Binding("tedad");
if (i == 0)

now i want change name in cell name
when i use this code , i have a error
" Cannot modify the result of an unboxing conversion "
((MyData)dg2.Items[0]).name = "aref";

can you help me ?
Updated 1-Jan-12 1:11am

Have a look at BindingListCollectionView[^].

I would prefer to bind the datagrid to an instance of the BindingListCollectionView and then just set the various properties for the new MyData instance.

Best regards
Espen Harlinn
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aref.bozorgmehr 1-Jan-12 14:09pm    
thanks , do you have example
Espen Harlinn 2-Jan-12 4:35am    
No, but the process is *very* similar to what I do in my article:
NandaKumer 2-Jan-12 2:24am    
nice one
Espen Harlinn 2-Jan-12 4:34am    
Thanks, NandaKumer!
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aref.bozorgmehr 5-Jan-12 17:37pm    
sorry but i cant do this

i want to edit any item with source code

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