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Hi All,

Kindly note that I'm new to this forum. Hope that you can help me.

I have a VB.Net application that must connect to online MySql database.
I already have a MySql database and I connected to it from using the MySql connector (new instance and direct connect).

All I want to do is to connect to this database via a PHP web service, this will make a fast connection and more users can be connected at the same time.
I tried to search for this, and I think that the solution is easy and simple, but I don't know a lot about PHP; how to upload files and connect via Web service Reference in

I downloaded these files: And from: which contains ".php" / ".wsdl" / ".dll" files and a VB.Net test solution.
I uploaded the files (".php" / ".wsdl" / ".dll") to the FTP manager in the cPanel where I created the database.
The problem is,
First: I don't know if these files are working.
Second: i tried many time to access the file "server.php" without any result.
I'll be thankful if you can help me solve this problem.
However, if the question wasn't clear or if anyone has another solution, please let me know it. It will be very helpful.

Thank you.

You could maybe try posting data to the php app, the having the php decode what you posted and executing the mysql query and optionally returning some output. The would just "download" the php file using http(s).

You can get the POST data from requests in php with:
$post = $_POST['var_name'];
//do something with the post data
print "Any output text, including this, is what gets sent back";
print " to your app.";

Let me know if this helps!
Thank you for your kind reply, I appreciate it a lot as you are trying to help me.
Kindly note that I will try your idea in a simple PHP example and return to you as soon as possible.
Mean while, do you have any idea on how to connect to as online MySQL from without using the MySQL connector?
It could be PHP, Java. Someone told me that there's a protocol called WAMP.

Thank you again.
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I've search how to create this but no luck..>

Please anyone answer his question....

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