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hi all,

I'm using visual studio 2008. I store a temp data on a string which contain double quote. How should i remove the quote?I get the data from array to store and need to transfer the data to structure before proceeding save into database. I get the data from text file and use streamreader to read the data and put into array.


strCustInfo=strArray(0) ---- "TRANSPORT "MEDIA" DEPT PVT. LTD"      ---- data appear in array with ""

Is it possible to remove the double qoutes?
If some data has only 1 double quote, is it also can be remove?


strCustInfo=strArray(1) ---- "SOFTMEDIA D"PT PVT. LTD"      ---- data appear in array with "

I just assume that the data with 1 double quote is problem when download from database.
Updated 3-Jan-12 20:25pm
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 4-Jan-12 1:21am    
Why is this a problem? Never tried? Try to develop this method and ask a question if you have any difficulty.

If you're using parameters (see:[^]) in your SQL statements, the quotes won't cause problems in your insert, selects etc.

If the user has entered this data, IMO modifying the data is a bad idea. The application should store the information as it is.
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This Code may help you
string Data = TextBox1.Text;
Data = Data.Replace("\"", "");
TextBox1.Text = Data;

imagine TextBox1.Text is data from database
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Try This one :
Dim S As String = "Your String"
S = S.Remove("'")

I hope it will help you. :)
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