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Hello !
i'm Need To Create A Simple Sokoban Game, in this game we have One Box And One Target.
+ the game rules is:
- the worker Only can push the box.
- the box only can moved in(left,right,top,down) direction.
+ The Map Define Role is:
- . is ground
- # is wall
- B is box
- g is target
- s is worker

i can Get The String By This Format And Put This To 2d Char Array. Some Example Come Bellow :
.	.	.	.
.	S	B	.
.	#	#	.
.	.	G	.

Now I Have A Matrix Of Game Map.
Now I Need To Find The Shortest Way Between Box And Target With All Following Algorithms.
1- BFS
2- DFS
3- Bidirectional
4- A*

+ Please Talk Me How I Solve The Matrix With This Algorithms.
Thank You,My Masters ...
Updated 6-Jan-12 7:45am
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 6-Jan-12 11:41am    
The game is not fully described. What's your problem? Is it your homework?
MEkramy 6-Jan-12 16:41pm    
HiThank You. More Describe :
i have a matrix that its contain game map(also Box,Worker And Target Location). i only need to find the shortest way in matrix between box and target by graph algorithms (BFS,DFS,A* And Bidirectional). But I Don't know how solving this matrix with graph algorithms.
please help me or take me a code.
some sample of game map:

Here[^] are some useful links.
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No Body Help Me!
Please Help Me.
i have Short Time To Solve This Algorithm.
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Richard MacCutchan 7-Jan-12 5:10am    
Did you look at any of the links I posted for you?
MEkramy 7-Jan-12 7:11am    
Yes Thank You.
But in my Project i have a button.this button work is : Help The Worker To Find Shortest Way Between Box And Target.
this program is not a game. its a algorithm for solving the game with graph algorithms (BFS,DFS,A*) And algorithm must find shortest's a Artificial intelligence program.
However thank you for your helping. please take me a code. good luck.

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