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Dear All,
I need a help on creating a store procedure which generates custom IDs for each asset. I am programming for Fixed Assets in VB6 with SQL Server 2005. For example, when a new Asset is added ,I need to auto generate the ID based on existing IDs. New ID should not exist in tblAssets table.
Table Name : tblAssets
Fields : AssetID > Int,Primary Key,this is internal ID (identity seed)
         AssetExtID >nvarchar(50),this is external ID, need to generate/user entered.
Below is the example of data in tblAssets :
AssetID   AssetExtID   ProjectID     ItemName   Qty   UOM   UnitCost .....
1         PROSP-00001  PROSPERITY    SPLIT-AC   2     NOS   $200
2         PROSP-00002  PROSPERITY    LAPTOP     1     NOS   $500
3         UNIII-00001  UNION III     LAPTOP     5     NOS   $400
4         UNIII-00002  UNION III     RECEIVER   2     NOS   $312

The AssetExtID depends on the ProjectID which is in tblProjects.
I will take care of the first 5 characters to generate.But the number part I need to generate by checking existing data. The AssetExtID should not be duplicate. Its unique for each asset. Please help on this. Your help is always appreciated.

Thank You..
Updated 6-Jan-12 23:17pm
Amir Mahfoozi 7-Jan-12 5:40am    
How should we know that PROSPERITY leads to PROSP and "UNION III" leads to "UNIII" ? What is the logic behind it ?
tonydsouza1987 7-Jan-12 6:19am    
when a user enter a new asset, first he/she need to select "Project" from the list. when they select project, I will take the first 5 characters from the tblProjects table from field ProjectCode. If they dont select project then entry will not be saved.
tblProjects Fields : ProjectID,ProjectName,ProjManager,ContractNo,ProjectCode.

Project code will be PROSP,UNIII,......

Thank your for your concern...

1 solution

As I know you can not use Triggers or Computed fields for AssetExtID but you can update AssetExtId periodically :

with a
SELECT [AssetId]
      , SUBSTRing(CAST(100000 + ROW_NUMBER() over (partition by projectid order by assetid) as varchar(max)), 2 , 5) rn
  FROM [Test].[dbo].[tblAsset]
), b as
  select a.* , p.projectcode from a inner join tblprojects p on a.projectid = p.projectid
,c as
(select * , projectcode +'-' + rn as a2 from b
update tblasset
set assetextid = a2
from tblasset inner join c on tblasset.assetid = c.assetid

This will work fine until you delete some previously inserted asset from your table.

Consider this case : you have 5 assets in project A then remove the 3rd one and then add a new one. At this point you have 2 assets that have the 5th position in this project assets, and of course they have the same ID of A-00005 !

So if you remove assets after insertion try to have another scheme for generation of your custom fields.

Hope it helps.
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tonydsouza1987 7-Jan-12 9:29am    
No.. this wont help me I think. Becuase I have the Delete Option and also I delete via code when needed. And there should not be same ID for two assets. Any other custom ID generation scheme? If there is no other option then I will remove the Asset Delete option from my user interface.
Amir Mahfoozi 7-Jan-12 13:45pm    
If AssetExtId is compound of ProjectCode + '-' + AssetId then you have a unique Id and possibility of deleting without any side effect.
tonydsouza1987 8-Jan-12 6:17am    
Thank you Mr Amir for your prompt reply. I modified slightly and got solved my problm...
Amir Mahfoozi 8-Jan-12 7:25am    
You're welcome.

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