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hi i may use Graphics.DrawImage to draw an available Image on a Graphics. but i want to make an Image which is not available by drawing lines, rectangles, texts, etc. on a Graphics.
how is it possible in C#?
in C++, it's possible to create a bitmap which is compatible with the window DC and creating a compatible dc with the window DC called memory DC and selecting the bitmap in the memory dc. further graphical operations are done on the selected bitmap. then i have a CBitmap object which includes the made shape.
now in C# how can i do that?
the aim is to save a drawn shape to a file.

1 solution

You can create a System.Drawing.Graphics object that is bound to an image instead of the screen. Drawing with this Graphics results in drawing on the image you used to create it (System.Drawing.Graphics.FromImage()[^]).
ilostmyid2 10-Jan-12 7:35am
thank u :)
i did what u suggested and it worked. but there's an effect in the drawn text on the image.
see my sample code pls:
lukeer 11-Jan-12 3:21am
For getting useful answers here, it's more beneficial to post the relevant code portion here. Use your original question's "Improve question" link for that and put your code between <pre lang="c#"> and </pre> tags.
And please, use proper English (capitalization, punctuation, no txtspeak) as long as you have the ability to do so (many foreign language speakers here).
ilostmyid2 11-Jan-12 3:24am
i've included the whole project in the link!
lukeer 11-Jan-12 4:36am
That makes it very unlikely that anyone will dig through it to find a solution for you. It's common practice to augment a question with the smallest possible piece of code that resembles the error you are facing. This link[^] could be helpful to read.
ilostmyid2 11-Jan-12 8:30am
oh! that was a great note. thx.
but just a bit of code may not be enough for regenerating the problem and others must expense in time to rebuild the project with the same operation and bug.

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