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SECURITYMODE=SQL enables Mixed mode authentication and it is important to provide a strong SA password.
ADDLOCAL=ALL selects all the SQL Server Express components for installation.
DISABLENETWORKPROTOCOLS=0 to enable networking in the instance
qn is used to install silently

I have found these above parameters which are required while silently install SQL Express 2005 edition.

Can anyone guide me how do i utilize this code and install SQL Server 2005 express edition silently.
Updated 10-Jan-12 1:10am

private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            Process p = new Process();
            ProcessStartInfo psi = new ProcessStartInfo();
            psi.FileName = Application.StartupPath.Trim() + @"\SqlServer2005 Express\SQLEXPR.EXE";
            //-q[n|b|r|f]   Sets user interface (UI) level:
            //n = no UI
            //b = basic UI (progress only, no prompts)
            //r = reduced UI (dialog at the end of installation)
            //f = full UI
            psi.Arguments = "/qb username=\"sa\" companyname=\"Rumtek\" addlocal=ALL  disablenetworkprotocols=\"0\" instancename=\"SQLExpress\" SECURITYMODE=\"SQL\" SAPWD=\"lock\"";
            p.StartInfo = psi;

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