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I am trying to develop a image processsing application that will analyse some grayscale images, the images in question are basically biological photographs(PCR GEL Photographs) that have some bands which are lighter in shades, and these bands are arranged in some pattern( Mostly linear), Till now, i had suceeded to programatically identify those bands which are distinct and clearly seperated from other band, but the band, which are close, could not be identified as seperate band.
more over my algorithms fails miserably in case case of color photographs,and i am clueless for a better approach.

i will be grateful if somebody out there had any previous experience,to help me out

1 solution

Check this article
Image Processing Lab in C#[^]
But the article is in C# so you need to convert the code, check this .NET Code Conversion[^]

Image Factory v1.0[^]


Also I found this one
Image Tools - .NET/MONO Batch image processing tool[^]
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chieto 14-Jan-12 12:47pm    
thanks . . for the great reply

but the conversion not working.why?
thatraja 14-Jan-12 13:10pm    
Why not working? Did you check this?
Anyway check my updated answer
chieto 14-Jan-12 21:09pm    
stil not working. .

can you convert it in pls send me via email

chieto 14-Jan-12 12:52pm    
can you give a sample for it?
chieto 14-Jan-12 19:53pm    
thanks for fast reply. . let me check the link . .

thanks again

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