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I have a vb6 app that is a thin strip. I turned it into a docking app bar so it would integrate with the host app better and not float on top of it. All is well.

However, before it was a dockable appbar, I had a hotkey combination to hide and unhide the thin strip of a form using form.hide and

Now when I want to hide it, I want the appbar space it was docked "into" to be reclaimed by the host app. So I Destroy the AppBar and the space is indeed reclaimed.

Now when I toggle the hide show hot key I recreate the AppBar and do a, but this must not be cricket because the form now thinks it needs to be part of the host app's desktop space at it's bottom, not in the AppBar docking space just below. I can't drag or position it in there as the desktop no longer believes this form is to occupy that docking space.

I have tried everything I can think of and google to turn that form "back on" in it's AppBar docking space with no joy.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can redirect me from my erroring ways.

Ron - The AppBar Newbe (2 days)!

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